African-Caribbean fathers African-Caribbean fathers

Content that focuses on fatherhood in African-Caribbean communities in the UK, of use to anyone working professionally with African-Caribbean fathers and their families.

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26 February 2010
This is one of a series of guides to help agencies develop father-inclusive services, produced by the Department for Children, Schools and Families’ Parenting Implementation Project (PIP), which ran from early 2008 until June 2009. 
External research » African-Caribbean fathers
11 January 2010
On 3 April, 2009, the Economic and Social Research Council funded a conference at the University of Cambridge: “Gender and Parenting Culture: Intensive Fatherhood?” At the link below, you can read a detailed report of the day, with the links to the left of the page taking you to recordings/presentations. 
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
15 October 2009
Working Dads: Final Report on the Fathers at Work Initiative (free download) presents findings from the US Public/Private Ventures’ evaluation of Fathers at Work, a national US demonstration project funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, designed to help low-income noncustodial fathers increase their employment and earnings, become more involved in their children’s lives, and provide them with more consistent financial support. 
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29 September 2009
From this page you can access all the Fatherhood Institute’s Research Summaries…just click on the links below. Fatherhood Institute Main Research Summary: the Costs and Benefits of Active Fatherhood Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Young Fathers Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Separated Families Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers, Mothers, Work and Family Maternal and Infant Health in the Perinatal Period: The Father’s Role Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Anti-social Behaviour and Fatherhood Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers’ Influence Over Children’s Education Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers Attending Births Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers and Disabled Children Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers and Smoking Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers and Post-natal Depression Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Expectant and New Fathers’ Information Needs Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers and Breastfeeding  
External research » African-Caribbean fathers
24 August 2009
There is an increasing emphasis in health policy on PCTs engaging fathers in primary health care services.  This qualitative exploratory study conducted on behalf of the Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust examined the views and experiences of 46 African Caribbean fathers.  While few make use of preventive health services (many are simply unaware that they exist), the study found that these African-Caribbean fathers are not a ‘hard to reach’ group.  The fathers were keen to be involved and proved passionate about the health and well-being of their children (including their mental well-being) – and the researchers identified a range of opportunities for improving engagement with them. 
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
13 August 2009
Surrey Parenting Education and Support together with the Fatherhood Institute have developed a draft tool for evaluating and supporting the mental health of new fathers.