African-Caribbean fathers African-Caribbean fathers

Content that focuses on fatherhood in African-Caribbean communities in the UK, of use to anyone working professionally with African-Caribbean fathers and their families.

Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
13 August 2010
More than 2,000 primary schools, nurseries, pre-schools and other settings, including prisons and libraries, took part in the first ever Fathers’ Story Week, in the run-up to Father’s Day 2010. 
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
2 July 2010
Making sure your agency registers key information about all dads as a matter of course is a MUST. In fact for all agency staff to ROUTINELY gather such details is the single most important step to engaging with substantial numbers of young fathers. 
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
30 March 2010
Children’s books that celebrate the father/child bond Dad-friendly parenting books Especially designed to help you to meet government policy on engaging with dads and encourage dads to become more involved. 
FI research » African-Caribbean fathers
10 March 2010
The picture for UK fathers of Black Caribbean heritage is complex since as many of their children are now conceived with partners from outside Black Caribbean communities than are conceived within them. 
Policy » African-Caribbean fathers
1 March 2010
Engaging successfully with fathers requires an interdisciplinary approach; an openness to developing father-inclusiveness across services; oversight by well-trained staff who understand both the importance of father engagement and the sensitivities of bringing men into female dominated services; adequate funding; and an emphasis on evaluation and dissemination of good practice. 
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
26 February 2010
This is one of a series of guide to help agencies develop father-inclusive services, produced by the Department for Children, Schools and Families’ Parenting Implementation Project (PIP), which ran from early 2008 until June 2009.