African-Caribbean fathers African-Caribbean fathers

Content that focuses on fatherhood in African-Caribbean communities in the UK, of use to anyone working professionally with African-Caribbean fathers and their families.

Policy » African-Caribbean fathers
31 January 2013
Parental Responsibility is a legal status an adult can hold in relation to a child, which gives that adult all the ‘rights and responsibilities’ of a parent. 
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
1 December 2012
Useful organisations and information sources: Below you will find a referral organisation for specialist advice on most issues.  Do email us ( if you think any of our information is wrong or needs updating (organisations can change their details day to day, and they don’t usually inform us when they do!) or if you feel we have missed out or misrepresented an important service Advice Now An independent, not-for-profit website providing accurate, up-to-date information on rights and legal issues.  
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
30 June 2011
Parc Supporting Families at HMP/YOI Parc is a group of staff who, along with the help of external agencies, have evolved an innovative and progressive provision for offenders, their children and families. 
FI research » African-Caribbean fathers
19 January 2011
This research summary covers: Trends in father involvement in the UK Aspirations Satisfaction Family and work stress: fathers’ experiences Leave policies and father involvement Father-care, gender equity and child wellbeing Fathers’ employment and child wellbeing Business/economic costs/benefits of father involvement Low income fathers’ employment References Download this research summary as a Word document Trends in father involvement in the UK Mothers in Britain increasingly engage in paid work (mainly part-time) from when their children are very young: Today 50% of mothers of 9-month-olds are in paid employment (Dex & Ward, 2010) with 70% working earlier than planned because of money concerns (Pykett, 2009) and others motivated by a desire to escape full-time childcare (Miller, 2005). 
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
15 December 2010
When the St Michael’s Fellowship began to focus on services aimed at fathers, its approach was initially ‘tokenistic’, admits project coordinator Matt Hay. 
Practice » African-Caribbean fathers
19 August 2010
Creating new opportunities for dads to become involved in learning activities with their children was the aim of the Dads in Demand project.