Support for dads before the birth

Questions we have been asked include:

‘Student dad-to-be, partner in Norway, wants to know where he can learn about putting on nappies etc.’

‘My pregnant girlfriend and I have broken up. I am worried about her state of mind’

‘I think my child’s father has post-natal depression. Is there anywhere he can get help?’

‘My husband has heard about fatherhood classes in America where the men talk to each other about their own fathers and what type of fathers they hope to be. He would like to attend something similar here.’

To prepare for the birth/early parenting

  • Find local antenatal classes (through local midwives or GP or . . . 
  • If you are a young father, ask about local Teenage Pregnancy services (you don’t need to be a teenager yourself! The service is for you if the mother of your child is under 20) . . 
  • Sure Start and Sure Start Children’s Centres provide high quality local services for the mums and dads of babies and young children (including young parents). A map on their website shows you where Sure Start services are operating: Or you can phone 0870 0002288 or email: or write to: Sure Start Unit, Level 2, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NA
  • Contact the National Childbirth Trust (the biggest national independent provider of ante-natal support) 0870 444 8707 or go to to check out NCT classes in your area. 
  • N.B. Sometimes NCT-sponsored dads’ workshops or courses are run locally. If there isn’t one, thing about setting one up yourself: both the NCT Head Office and NCT local branches may well be happy to help 
  • Contact Parentline Plus (FREE telephone helpline 0808 800 2222 & textphone 0800 783 6783) who run telephone and face-to-face groups for new and expectant parents: see 
  • Contact PIPPIN (Parent to Parent Infant Network) for free local groups in some areas 01727 899099 
  • Do an Internet search to find other local antenatal classes
  • To talk issues through with experts one-to-one (including Post Natal Depression) 
  • The FATHERS MATTER phone line: 01268 556328; mobile 07775 778073 ; email (this organisation has strong experience with post-natal depression in both men and women) 
  • Parentline Plus (FREE telephone helpline 0808 800 2222 & textphone 0800 783 6783; email: