Staying Connected (for employers)

A workplace-based course for separated fathers

The Fatherhood Institute offers a workplace-based course for separated fathers, called Staying Connected.

This short half-day course, which was developed in Australia, helps fathers build positive and child focused relationships with former partners, take better care of their own mental health and wellbeing and stay connected to their children.

The course has been highly successful in Australia where it has been delivered to a range of organisations including the Australian postal service. Organisations which have offered this course to staff have seen a decline in absence and an improvement in the mental health of men who have participated.

We have now run Staying Connected with a range of major UK employers, including British Telecom, Centrica and Citibank.

Find out why employers should invest in Staying Connected.

Read our case study on Staying Connected at BT.

To find out more about Staying Connected and talk through how it could benefit your business, contact our Corporate development manager Charlie Rice by email at or tel. 07824 888 439.