I woud like to advertise via the Fatherhood Institute

The Fatherhood Institute is the UK’s fatherhood think tank. We work with public, voluntary and private sector organisations, the media, and with government to promote close and positive father-child relationships. Our chief market is the professionals who work with fathers and their families – in health, education and other family and children’s services – as well as the policymakers who shape their work.

Advertising opportunities

1. Our website delivers high quality information to all of these audiences. It currently receives between 15,000 and 20,000 page requests per week and advertising can be included as follows:

o Diary listings – we list events of interest to our users FOR FREE. These events must have a particular fatherhood element.

o Job Adverts – If you are advertising for a fatherhood focussed position, we will advertise this job for you FOR FREE.

o Banner advertising – We have two banner spaces on our website:
– 468 x 60 pixels standard banner at the top of the site
– 164 x 80 pixels banner at the left hand side of the site

All banners (which can be designed by us – see cost table below) are rotated concurrently, and can be run in conjunction with a News Story on our Home Page – and/or with a News Story on the Home Page of one of the website sectors, if relevant. Every banner can link to its associated News Story or to an external link – e.g. a hyperlink to the advertisers website. Advertisers create their own news story (200 – 400 words), which our editor adjusts in consultation as necessary.

We can run a news story without a banner – in which case the cost is the display cost without the banner design cost (see below)

VAT will be charged in addition.

Banner advertising costs

Top of site banner

Design of animated gif banner (up to 5 slides) £75
Display (per month) £150
Display (per 50,000 views) £150 
Display (per 250 clicks) £150

Side of site banner

Design of animated gif banner (up to 5 slides) £50
Display (per month) £75
Display (per 50,000 views) £75
Display (per 250 clicks) £75

2. Our monthly email newsletter has over 5,500 active subscribers, is very popular among its recipients and is circulated around organisations and colleagues on a regular basis. Advertisers can place a banner advert or short story (with links) into the newsletter at a cost of £150 (cost of designing banner as above).

The Fatherhood Institute retains the right to decide on the merit of individual advertisers, and retains the right to refuse adverts if deemed inappropriate for its users and stakeholders.

For more information, contact Adrienne Burgess +44 (0)774714146 or a.burgess@fatherhoodinstitute.org