FAQ: How to use this site

This article describes how the Fathers Direct website works and offers tips on how to get the most from your visit.

Information by Sector

Much of the information on the site is organised by sectors, which are listed down the left hand side of the website. Each sector has news, training and diary information and articles on elements of public policy, research and professional practice relevant to that sector. Many of the articles are placed in more than one sector as they have multiple relevance.

Following links

Everywhere you see an orange arrow, there’s a link. If you’re looking for research information about working with expectant and new fathers, click on the maternity services and then research – you’ll get a list of all relevant articles. Click on an individual article for the details.  Tip: Each article has a list of relevant links on the right hand side.

Information about Fathers Direct

If you’d like to know more about us and what we do, visit the ‘about us’ section, and the ‘publications’ section which lists our published work. If you want to see our press releases, visit the media room and you’ll find a full list. We have links at the bottom of every page for contacting us, our privacy policy and our website accessibility statement.

Documents and products

Where possible, we make available relevant documents to download at the bottom of articles they are relvant to. The most important file formats are Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word doc. Please make sure you have the relevant viewing software. Also linked at the bottom of articles are relevant shop products you may find of interest.

Text size

If you find the text size on the website uncomfortable for your eyes, you can alter it using the controls in your web browser. The procedure for doing so differs from one browser to the next. Check in your browser help section to find out how to changing font/text size.

Letting us know about your work

If you work with fathers and their families, we want to hear about your news, events and services. We’re always keen to publish good quality case studies of good practice, peer reviewed research studies and considered articles about public policy. Please send articles of no more than 1000 words for consideration to webmaster@fathersdirect.com . The Editors decision as to whether or not to publish any item of information is final. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for contributions.

Register for our monthly email newsletter

I you’d like regular updates on what’s happening in policy, research and practice in an easy to read summary style then sign up for our monthly email newsletter. You’ll have the main stories of the month, diary updates, training opportunities and lots of useful information from us. It’s highly recommended.