Domestic violence and abuse

Questions we have been asked

“Do you know of any helplines for domestic violence support for men?”
“Anything about violence against men?”
‘I have trouble with my temper and would like to do something about it’

a) For men who are experiencing violence/abuse in their home, or were abused as children

M.A.L.E. Domestic Violence Project:
0845 064 6800 (Mon-Thurs 9.30-4.30)

Victim Support Male Helpline:
0800 328 3623 (Mon-Fri 12.00-2.00)

Helpline for male victims of sexual abuse
020 7357 8299 (Tues &Thurs 7-10)

The Dyn Wales  Dyn Cymru Helpline

0808 801 0321 (Mon 9am – 12pm, Weds 1 – 4pm thurs 6 – 9pm)
Administration: 02920 226622

Mens Advice Line

Advice line run by Respect, for men experiencing domestic violence as a victim, tel 0808 801 0327 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10-1 and 2-5) or email; website

The ManKind Initiative

Helpline for male victims of domestic violence, provides information and emotional support.
Helpline number: 01823 334244 (cost of normal rate phonecall).  The helpline is manned by trained staff – weekdays from 10.30am – 4pm and 7pm to 9pm. Visit  

b) For men who are violent towards their partners or are involved in relationships where both partners are violent

Phoneline for perpetrators of domestic violence, tel 0845 122 8609 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10-1 and 2-5) or email or text ONLY to 07624 818 326; website