DNA Testing (for disputed paternity)

Questions we have been asked include:

‘Can DNA be tested on the NHS?’
‘Can I have number for DNA testing?’
‘My girlfriend is pregnant and says I am the father. I don’t believe her. I want to know’

Paternity Testing (‘Parentage Testing’) is not to be undertaken lightly: the impact can be huge, not only for any father or father-figure, but for the child, any brothers and sisters – and mother(s) and grandparents. We believe it is seriously unwise to enter into paternity testing

• secretly
• without first talking the process over with a counsellor experienced in this field
• without getting back-up support for others affected – particularly CHILDREN

We recommend that before you contact any DNA testing body, you talk the matter over with Parentline Plus:

• free telephone helpline 0808 800 2222
• free textphone 0800 783 6783

and that you make sure any child affected receives face to face counselling or phones

• Childline 0800 1111 (free 24 hour helpline)

Note that once the Human Tissue Act comes into operation (due 2006) it will be an offence to possess a sample of someone else’s tissue without their consent.

Some DNA testing bodies provide counselling and you should choose one that is guided by the strictest international quality assurance systems, and that abides by the voluntary Code Of Practice for Genetic Paternity Testers in the UK. If the results are to be brought to a court in England or Wales, you need to choose from a list of bodies accredited by the Department of Constitutional Affairs – as follows.



Anglia DNA Services Ltd
Norwich Research Park
Colney Lane
Norwich NR4 7UH

Tel no: 08454 565365
Fax no: 01603 450945
e-mail: office@angliadna.co.uk
Website: http://www.angliadna.co.uk 

Crucial Genetics
University Department of Neurology
Southern General Hospital
Glasgow G51 4TF

Tel no: 0870 88 88 088
Fax no: 0870 88 88 089
e-mail: info@crucialgenetics.com
Website: http://www.crucialgenetics.com 

LGC Diagnostics Department
LGC Building
Queens Road, Teddington
Middlesex TW11 ONJ

Tel no: 020 8943 8400
Fax no: 020 8943 8401
e-mail: diagnostics@lgc.co.uk
Website: http://www.lgc.co.uk/paternity

Orchid Cellmark Ltd
Blacklands Way
Abingdon Business Park
Abingdon Oxon OX14 1YX

Tel no: 01235 528609
Fax no: 01235 528141
e-mail: info@cellmark.co.uk
Website: http://www.cellmark.co.uk

The Forensic Science Service Ltd
New Business Division
Sales and Operational Planning Office
Trident Court, 2920 Solihull Parkway
Birmingham Business Park
Birmingham B37 7YN

Tel no: 0845 120 7272
Fax no: 0121 770 9289
e-mail: nbdsalesoffice@fss.pnn.police.uk
Website: http://paternity.forensic.gov.uk

Complement Genomics Ltd
Unit 128i Bioscience Centre
Business and Innovation Centre
Tyne and Wear
Tel: 0808 145 5789
Fax: 0191 516 6005
email: sales@dadcheck.com  
Website: http://www.dadcheck.com