Dads Included training and self-assessment

This option is the perfect package for local authorities if an audit feels ‘too much’ but a training course feels ‘not enough’. Staff from a number of settings across the area can participate, or this can be delivered within one service.

What it includes

This package is delivered in three parts…

1. One day training/workshop


• why fathers are so important to children

• barriers to positive father-child engagement in families where mum and dad are together, and where they are not

• how early years services can reinforce these barriers, and how they can break them down

• the personal and cultural issues which shape our perceptions of men/fathers

• effective recruitment strategies

• introduction to the Dads Included self assessment process to accurately collate information on your service, identify gaps in provision, support change and embed father-inclusive thinking.

2. Dads Included self-assessment

Agencies/services are given an agreed time (normally around three months) to go through the process of self–assessment in house, with ongoing support and resources from the Fatherhood Institute.

3. Half-day workshop

The group reconvenes to discuss the outcome of the self-assessment. Problems, concerns, and thorny issues are discussed in action sets, with support from the FI. Participants share practice that works and recent successes, review their individual progress, and identify ongoing targets and key performance indicators.


Costs and further information

Prices are agreed according to your specific requirements. An example package for 5 settings with up to 10 staff = £5,000 +VAT

To discuss further, please contact our national practice development manager Jeszemma Garratt via j.garratt(at) or mobile: 07917 864130.