The Fatherhood Institute has vast experience of assisting local authorities and different agencies to transform their services at a strategic level, working in a range of ways.

The consultancy options that we can offer you include:

  • support to develop father-inclusive strategies
  • devising and delivering father-inclusive training strategies
  • ‘Father-proofing’ of wider policies and initiatives
  • Father-inclusive practice audits

Our recent projects have included:

  • auditing service delivery across whole local authority areas
  • devising a father-inclusive parenting strategy for a large city council
  • helping re-shape a postnatal assessment tool to measure the mental health and wellbeing of fathers and their families in a local authority area
  • training Children’s Centre managers and practitioners, and direct work with fathers, across a London borough.

Whatever your specific requirements, the Fatherhood Institute can develop audit solutions for your local authority or primary care trust.

Find out more from our National Practice Development Manager, Jeszemma Garratt on tel 0791 7864130 or email