Support for Grandparents

Questions we have been asked include:

‘Grandfather wants to know of fathers’ helpline numbers in Sweden’
‘Grandmother wants fathers to be means-tested for maintenance’
‘Since our son and his wife split up, we have not seen the children. What are our rights?’

Most of the questions from grandparents to Fathers Direct are best answered by looking at other FAQs on our website (, as they usually fall under such categories “legal issues relating to separation and divorce”, “contact and residence issues” etc.

To talk through problems with family experts, Grandparents are welcome to telephone the national helpline Parentline Plus
• free telephone helpline 0808 800 2222
• free textphone 0800 783 6783
• free email advice service:
• good web-based material

Specialist organisations for grandparents used to answering questions relating to separation and divorce are:

Grandparents’ Association
Works to improve the lives of children by working with grandparents. Helpline: 01279 444964 (Best time to telephone: variable – message on answerphone). Tel (Admin): 01279 428040 Fax: 01279 428040 Web: Moot House, the Stow, Harlow, Essex CM20 3AG

Grandparents’ Federation
Specialises in legal advice in both public and private law cases (i.e. when local authorities are involved, or when parents can’t agree). Helpline on 01279 444964. 10-4 every day and some evenings.