Our team

In common with our gender-equal principles, the Fatherhood Institute is run by a team of women and men, all of whom are parents.

Adrienne BurgessAdrienne Burgess, Joint Chief Executive & Head of Research
07747 145 146 or a.burgess@fatherhoodinstitute.org
Adrienne has written widely on fatherhood and couple relationships. One of the founders of Fathers Direct (set up in 1999), she has a thorough understanding of both research and practice. Her book Fatherhood Reclaimed: the making of the modern father (Vermilion, 1997) helped set a new agenda on fatherhood in the UK, and has been published throughout the world. Adrienne has one daughter.

Kathy Jones, Joint Chief Executive & Head of Strategy
07867 761 251 or k.jones@fatherhoodinstitute.org
Kathy joined the organisation in 2003. Trained as an art psychotherapist and psychoanalytic consultant, she has extensive clinical experience of delivering therapeutic services and of supervision of clinical practice. Her background is in community development in areas of urban deprivation in communities in England and Scotland. Kathy has one son.

Associate team

Jeremy Davies Jeremy Davies, Head of Communications
07803 711 692 or j.davies@fatherhoodinstitute.org
Jeremy manages our publications and online content, including this website and our social media pages. He has 20+ years’ experience as a journalist, writing and editing for newspapers, magazines, websites and books, on everything from health and social policy to music, travel, personal finance and property. He holds a Masters in Research and a fatherhood-related PhD, and has taught social policy, gender and politics modules at the University of Manchester. Jeremy has one son.

Jeszemma Garratt  Jeszemma Garratt, Head of Training
07917 864 130 or j.garratt@fatherhoodinstitute.org
Jeszemma has a long history of ‘ground level’ work with fathers in early years and Children’s Centres in diverse communities. Her initial training as an early years practitioner has meant that she keeps the child in the centre of all her work. She has worked as a consultant and trainer in father-inclusive practice, equality and diversity and participatory appraisal research techniques. She has a background in community and youth services and specialised in service–user participation and needs-led analysis of service provision. She is committed to equality of access to services for fathers, and enjoys her development role supporting agencies in this agenda. Jeszemma has three daughters.

Charles RiceCharlie Rice, Head of Corporate Development
07824 888 439 or c.rice@fatherhoodinstitute.org
Charlie has a vast experience of childcare and related issues and is deeply committed to children’s rights and the development and delivery of high-quality inclusive services for children and their families. As a single working father he worked as a childminder, playgroup worker and toy librarian. He also worked as a social worker in south London and as childcare consultant and later managing director of Childminding in Business. Before joining the Fatherhood Institute in 2008, he held posts at the National Childminders’ Association, including Director for Children’s Workforce Development and Director of Membership and Professional Development. He was a founder member of the Board of the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) and Vice Chair and Acting Chair of the Board of the Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education (CACHE), the leading awarding body for the Childcare sector. He is also a member of the Board of the Children Web-mag. Charlie has two daughters.

Jag Singh, Head of Digital 
Jag is our technology expert. A tech innovator, entrepreneur and investor, he worked behind the scenes on three US Presidential candidates’ campaigns and in 2011 was Digital Communications Director on the successful “NO to AV” referendum campaign. He has contributed to several MySociety projects, is Chairman of MessageSpace and built VoteMatch, a voting app with more than a million users. He built the FI website and our Raising Happy Babies online parenting course.

Jonathan Sivyer, Head of Design
Jonathan is our user interface specialist. Senior Art Director at JJ Marketing, he has managed the FI brand since 2007, and designed our Fathers’ Story Week website. Other clients include have included Nikon, Porsche and McLaren. Jonathan is a father of four.