Our work

The Fatherhood Institute, a registered UK charity (number 1075104), is one of the most respected fatherhood organisations in the world. Read our entry on the Charities Commission website.

Our work

The Fatherhood Institute works to build a society that values, prepares, and supports men as involved fathers and caregivers. Our work focuses on policy, research, and practice. We collate, participate in, and publicise research; lobby for legal and policy changes; and help public services, employers, and others become more father-inclusive. Our partners and clients include government, NHS and local authorities, family service providers and organisations, universities, NGOs, employers – as well as fathers.

Download our safeguarding policies below:

FI Safeguarding Children Policy

FI Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

Our vision

Our vision is of a society that gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and any father-figures; a society that supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers; and that prepares boys and girls for a future shared role in caring for children.

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Please note: we are not a membership organisation. We advocate for systems to support involved fatherhood but do not approach our work from a fathers’ rights perspective.