23 March 2022
The quality of the relationship between parents – and specifically how they communicate and relate to each other – has a significant influence on effective parenting, and on children’s long-term mental health and future life chances. But fathers are much less likely than mothers to receive targeted support, or to be actively recruited or addressed by family-focused support and interventions. In this article, we consider the vital role of father-inclusive interventions (including Family Foundations), and high quality, systematic father-engagement, in maximising the impact of work with couples to reduce parental conflict. Read the full story »
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23 February 2022
The Fatherhood Institute (UK charity number 1075104) is a small charity that has been working behind the scenes to raise the profile of ‘involved fatherhood’ since 1999. 
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14 December 2021
We often hear the phrase ‘families come in all shapes and sizes’ these days. But in research, policy and practice there’s still a tendency to define fathers in a simplistic and binary way: you’re either ‘resident’ or ‘non-resident’. 
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26 October 2021
Watch our quick guide to FI training clip (1 min) Many ‘official’ guidelines and policy documents call on family services to engage more, and more effectively, with fathers. 
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20 October 2021
Becoming Dad is our new guide for expectant and new fathers, launched in November 2021 by the Fatherhood Institute and Mental Health Foundation. 
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12 October 2021
The Perinatal Dad is a report by the Fatherhood Institute’s Head of Training, Jeszemma Howl, drawing on research she undertook – thanks to a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship – with the aim of exploring and examining the very best offer to families, that engages the father in the perinatal period and supports women to breastfeed for as they want to. 
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17 June 2021
As we celebrate Father’s Day 2021, what do we know about fathers’ role in supporting their children’s learning and development – and what else would we like to find out? 
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4 May 2021
PLEASE NOTE: ALL INFORMATION INCLUDING REPORTS AND VIDEO ARE EMBARGOED UNTIL 0.01AM ON 11 MAY 2021 Study reveals demand to preserve large lockdown increases in fathers’ caring, schoolwork support and housework. 
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15 June 2020
On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man was killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a shop.