23 September 2021
The government’s new proposals around flexible working, outlined today – especially the plan to give people the right to request flexible working from day one in a job – are a step in the right direction. They include making the right to request flexible working a day 1 right – currently employees need to have worked for an organisation for 26 weeks before being able to make such a request; and shortening the period employers have to respond to flexible working requests. But the right to request flexible working is not the same as the right to work flexibly. Many flexible working requests are refused, often for reasons that are unclear or rely on the argument that flexible hours can’t be justified for ‘business reasons’. We also know that fathers are less likely to request flexible working arrangements – and, if they do, are more likely to have their requests refused. Read the full story »
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12 October 2021
The Perinatal Dad is a report by the Fatherhood Institute’s Head of Training, Jeszemma Howl, drawing on research she undertook – thanks to a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship – with the aim of exploring and examining the very best offer to families, that engages the father in the perinatal period and supports women to breastfeed for as they want to. 
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17 June 2021
As we celebrate Father’s Day 2021, what do we know about fathers’ role in supporting their children’s learning and development – and what else would we like to find out? 
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4 May 2021
PLEASE NOTE: ALL INFORMATION INCLUDING REPORTS AND VIDEO ARE EMBARGOED UNTIL 0.01AM ON 11 MAY 2021 Study reveals demand to preserve large lockdown increases in fathers’ caring, schoolwork support and housework. 
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15 June 2020
On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man was killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a shop. 
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18 May 2020
We have been invited by the House of Commons Petitions Committee, to feed into its exploration of whether or not to extend maternity leave for 3 months in response to the Covid-19 lockdown[1]. 
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14 May 2020
Adrienne Burgess writes… Reflecting on the process of industrialisation in Britain from the mid-nineteenth century, the historical demographer Peter Laslett wrote: “The most important of all the effects on the family group of the process of modernisation has undoubtedly been the physical removal from the household of the father and other earners for all of every working day . 
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6 May 2020
Mark Gatto is a working parent (PhD and Research Assistant at Northumbria School of Law and Business School) who is caring for his 14 month old son alongside his wife, who works as a doctor in the NHS. 
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27 January 2020
We have been asked to comment on this story about claims that fathers are using an Edinburgh maternity ward ‘like a hotel’.