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[23 Oct 2020 ]
Dads have a critical impact on babies, but during the Covid-19 pandemic, fathers face significant extra challenges. Many dads are being excluded from NHS appointments, scans or early labour, and access to health visitors or other family support is limited.  That’s why we’re teaming up with Best Beginnings to run small online groups for dads, under a Barnardo’s programme funded by the Department for Education. 

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[18 Aug 2020 ]
NHS maternity units have been restricting men’s access both pre- and post-natally since the start of lockdown, but restrictions have varied geographically, and their impact is unknown. 

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[15 Jun 2020 ]
On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man was killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a shop. 

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[14 Jun 2020 ]
The COVID-19 lockdown has led to a dramatic 58 per cent increase in unpaid childcare undertaken by men, according to data gathered by the Government’s Office for National Statistics[1]. 

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[18 May 2020 ]
We have been invited by the House of Commons Petitions Committee, to feed into its exploration of whether or not to extend maternity leave for 3 months in response to the Covid-19 lockdown[1]. 

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[14 May 2020 ]
Adrienne Burgess writes… Reflecting on the process of industrialisation in Britain from the mid-nineteenth century, the historical demographer Peter Laslett wrote: “The most important of all the effects on the family group of the process of modernisation has undoubtedly been the physical removal from the household of the father and other earners for all of every working day . 

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[14 May 2020 ]
We are delighted to announce that the Nuffield Foundation is funding us to research fathers’ and father figures’ experiences during the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. 

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[6 May 2020 ]
Mark Gatto is a working parent (PhD and Research Assistant at Northumbria School of Law and Business School) who is caring for his 14 month old son alongside his wife, who works as a doctor in the NHS. 

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[15 Apr 2020 ]
Supporting your wife/partner to breastfeed is a key way that you can help out, and minimise pressure on the NHS, during the Covid-19 crisis. 

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[24 Mar 2020 ]
Covid-19 is throwing up challenges for all sorts of families across the UK, including families where children usually move between households; families in economic hardship; and even ‘better off’, intact families spending more time together in a confined space than they are used to!