Help us get more #DadsReading with their children this Father’s Day

27 May 2016

Young father reading to his children

Fathers Reading Every Day is a really simple programme that encourages dads to read with their children at home. It changes lives. Its effects are most powerful among children from disadvantaged backgrounds – and it’s brilliant with boys especially.

We’ve set ourselves the goal of bringing FRED to 200 schools and children’s centres, reaching over 6,000 children, this year. We’ve already trained schools in London, Greater Manchester, Wolverhampton, Bradford and Rochdale. By telling your local school about FRED, donating in honour of Father’s Day (19 June 2016) and sharing a photo of yourself or a much-loved dad reading, using the hashtag #DadsReading, you could help us reach even more.

Too many kids lack a supportive learning environment at home – and getting dads reading is a vital part of changing that. Children whose dads read to them from an early age, do better…and FRED has been shown to have a huge impact on reading, writing and even maths. In fact, researchers found that children who took part in FRED were four times as likely as those who did not, to make greater-than-expected progress in reading!

How you can help

If you’re a dad, mum, granddad or grandma, why not ask your children’s school to get involved? You can find more information about FRED here.

Think about how much you loved being read to as a child. Could you help us by making a donation in honour of Father’s Day?

Post or tweet a photo of yourself or a much-loved dad reading, and use the hashtag #DadsReading – to help us spread the message that dads’ reading really matters!

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