Dads in the 2015 manifestos: who’s saying what about fathers?

20 April 2015
Nick Clegg and Jo Swinson promote plans for more 'daddy leave'. Photo: BBC

Nick Clegg and Jo Swinson on the election trail, promoting plans for more ‘daddy leave’. Photo: BBC


Double statutory paternity leave and pay it at a higher rate…introduce six weeks’ use-it-or-lose-it ‘daddy leave’…reform the Family Courts to introduce a presumption of 50-50 shared parenting…who’s promising what about fatherhood in their 2015 election manifestos?

We’ve scoured the manifestos…so you don’t have to. Download our summary of what all the main parties have to say about fathers and fatherhood…and what they don’t…below.

Dads in the 2015 manifestos


The Fatherhood Institute lobbies for father-inclusive policy. We’ve been instrumental in securing statutory rights to paternity leave and shared parental leave, and do all we can to argue the case for policy that supports involved fatherhood. But we receive no funding for this work. We hope you find this free PDF useful; if so, please consider making a donation.



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