Cross-party inquiry calls for better father-engagement in early years

30 March 2015

A parliamentary inquiry into parenting and social mobility has called on the next government to do more to encourage the UK’s early years services to engage with men – and to fund a national reading campaign for dads and children.

The inquiry, held by the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Parents & Families, and Social Mobility, found that “female domination of the early years workforce, combined with ingrained gender stereotypes, has created an environment of family support services which are aimed almost exclusively at women, and which, inadvertently, do not appear to sufficiently value the role of fathers.”

Its report said the Government should “encourage early years services to actively engage fathers by clarifying guidance, promoting activities that are accessible to fathers, and promoting the participation of men in the early years workforce.”

It also specifically recommended the instigation of a UK-wide “fathers and children” reading campaign to be designed, funded, and promoted, by national government, and implemented by local government.

The Fatherhood Institute gave evidence to the inquiry. Read more about Fathers Reading Every Day, our well-evaluated reading programme for fathers and children in primary school and early years settings.

Read the inquiry’s report: Parliamentary_Inquiry_into_Parenting_and_Social_Mobility_-_Final_Report

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