Promising news from our ‘Engaging Fathers in Safeguarding’ project

16 December 2014

Dr Mark Osborn writes:

As our European safeguarding project begins to draw towards its close, the results from the different countries are being pulled together.  We are seeing some amazing results from the UK part of the work, and we shared some of these at a strategic roundtable held in Cardiff at the beginning of December.

Colleagues from the Czech Republic, Finland and Romania presented their findings alongside the Fatherhood Institute and Professor Jonathan Scourfield from Cardiff University.  In the UK, the audits of practice before and after the intervention evidence dramatically improved engagement with fathers throughout the child protection process.

Participating authorities have identified that this intervention has improved outcomes for children, strengthened social care teams’ assessment and management of risk, and resulted in considerable financial cost savings for the local authorities.

David Lewis, Quality Standards Officer for Conwy said: “The Engaging Fathers project has led to significant changes in the local authority”.

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