Men and early labour: study seeks participants

16 December 2014

What was it like being with your partner in the first few hours of her labour?

Fathers are often the main support for women during the first hours of labour when they are typically advised to stay at home.  Research shows that this can be a difficult time for some women but we know much less about men’s experiences.

A researcher at the University of Nottingham is studying ‘Men, Masculinity and Early Labour’, and is looking for men to take part in research interviews and focus groups and to share their experiences of being with their partner in early labour.

Is your youngest child 3 months old or younger?

Were you with your partner in the first hours of her labour?

Did your partner’s labour start spontaneously? (she was not induced)

Was the birth in a hospital or birth centre? (not a planned home birth)

If your answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions, Dr Julie Roberts would love to hear from you.

You can contact her to find out how to take part, or just for more information about the study, by telephone on 0115 8230243 or by email at You can also follow the study on Twitter @MenEarlyLabour.

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