Dads’ postnatal depression – not postpartum psychosis, but still serious

8 May 2014

A quick update about postnatal depression in dads.

We were recently challenged by someone on Twitter, who said: “PND is a serious psychiatric disorder occurring after childbirth. Men cannot experience either phenomenon.”

When we sent them our research summary, they said: “this describes clinical depression, not postpartum, good lord!”

Our Joint Chief Executive and Head of Research Adrienne Burgess would like to clarify: “(Our research summary) describes clinical depression in the first year after the birth, and both mothers and fathers can suffer. The contribution of hormonal factors (in either parent) has not been effectively disaggregated. Postnatal depression does NOT describe postpartum psychosis, which is rare and not the same thing at all – and only affects mothers.”

Here’s a link to more information about postpartum psychosis from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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