MenCare: a global father-engagement campaign

23 April 2013

MenCare is a global campaign that aims to engage men as fathers and caregivers, to promote gender equality and family well-being. Through the use of media communications, programme development and advocacy, MenCare raises the visibility of men and fatherhood as a positive entry point to end violence, and to promote health and early child development.

Any organisation, agency or service is welcome to run a MenCare campaign in its community – just visit the MenCare website to find out more about their work, and to access films, posters and other resources.

You can:

  • Watch and show films here 
  • View and adapt posters here 
  • Download and use photos here .

And to stay in touch with MenCare, follow them on Twitter @mencareglobal and on Facebook.

MenCare image of young dad holding baby

MenCare image of young dad holding baby

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