MenCare: a global father-engagement campaign

23 April 2013

MenCare is a global campaign that aims to engage men as fathers and caregivers, to promote gender equality and family well-being. Through the use of media communications, programme development and advocacy, MenCare raises the visibility of men and fatherhood as a positive entry point to end violence, and to promote health and early child development.

Any organisation, agency or service is welcome to run a MenCare campaign in its community – just visit the MenCare website to find out more about their work, and to access films, posters and other resources.

You can:

  • Watch and show films here 
  • View and adapt posters here 
  • Download and use photos here .

And to stay in touch with MenCare, follow them on Twitter @mencareglobal and on Facebook.

MenCare image of young dad holding baby

MenCare image of young dad holding baby

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  • nongenderbias9 says:

    One of life’s little ironies. A website designed to promote all the ways fathers can make positive contributions to parenting their children. There are many great fathers who, through separation from their partner, aren’t wanted as parents any more. The power of mothers to veto fathers from their parenting role is so great (especially in Western cultures) that we lose these wonderful fathers to a society hell bent on forcing mothers to take sole care of their children. Until such time as someone says, upon separation. You must both carry on caring for your children, the father will forever remain the one who pays, and the mother the one who cares…………….that’s irrespective of whether the father had been the main carer before his separation.
    From the very outset, when an egg has been fertilised, the mother has control over the new life. Whether the child lives or dies, the person she chooses, if any, to be the father. The name she chooses or not to put on the birth certificate……..etc.
    So, from these early days the genetic father’s job to stay in his child’s life and participate with his upbringing is at the behest of the mother. Woe betide him if he does not meet mothers approval. What we need is strong laws to support fathers as the caring parents that they are.

    We already have parenting skills. We don’t have any “rights”.

    Kind regards

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