Help these teenagers create better services for ‘Kids in the Middle’

23 May 2013

In 2008, the Fatherhood Institute hosted a project ‘Kids in the Middle’ to support children affected by their parents’ separation.  Money was raised and support provided.  But times have changed.  Two helplines have just closed. Government has no money. Foundations have said no. The support available to the ‘kids in the middle’ is negligible.

So 20 teenagers, supported by FI’s former CEO Duncan Fisher, have picked up the challenge. They are leading a national campaign to create a place on-line where the story of kids in the middle is told and where support is available. They are raising the money themselves.  Their activities will be backed up by Agony Aunts in the national media, and by the Family High Court, lawyers and mediators.  To raise money these teenagers are accepting different challenges for which they will be sponsored – keeping silent for a week, literally ‘leap-frogging’ the 11 miles between their separated parents’ homes, having breakfast in bed up a mountain with kids in the middle of nowhere . . .

Meanwhile the Agony Aunts are appealing for 980 more young people to join the fundraising to create the first ever service for children that is entirely crowd-funded by teenagers!

This is an extraordinary and creative initiative.   No service for children has ever been entirely funded by children.  Let us make this the first .There are three things you can do:

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