Fatherhood policy in Scotland and Northern Ireland forges ahead

20 June 2013

As fatherhood policy disappears in England under the Coalition – and remains non-existent in Wales – policymakers in Northern Ireland and Scotland are forging ahead.

Children in Scotland, with whom the Institute continues to work, built on two projects (their Children, Fathers and Fatherhood Project and their Making Gender Equality Real for Children, Fathers and Families’ project) to influence Scotland’s recently published National Parenting Strategy. This strategy is not only explicit about the importance of engaging with fathers but also dedicates resources to achieving it. A new CiS briefing paper outlines the implications.

Meanwhile, further west, an outstanding policy briefing Understanding Fatherhood in the 21st Century A Policy Briefing Paper for Northern Ireland has summarised the research evidence and made recommendations for concrete changes in policy and practice for Northern Ireland.

Here at the FI we will continue to keep the pressure up on the authorities in England and Wales to keep up with what’s happening in the rest of the UK. Children across the whole country deserve nothing less.


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