Four-fifths of dads use statutory paternity leave: latest figures

29 November 2012

The Maternity and Paternity Rights and Women Returners Survey 2009/10 shows that 91% of fathers took time off around the time of their baby’s birth. Of those taking time off, 49% took Statutory Paternity Leave only, 25% statutory Paternity Leave plus other paid leave, 18% other paid leave only and 5% unpaid leave. This means that 81% of all fathers are now using Statutory Paternity Leave, with most of the rest taking other paid leave.

Among those taking Statutory Paternity Leave, 50% took the whole two weeks and 16% took more than the two weeks. Only 34% took less than their two weeks. The odds of taking Paternity Leave were significantly higher for men working in the public sector and where there were family friendly arrangements available in the workplace. Some employers ‘topped up’ statutory Paternity Leave payment: 39% of fathers taking Statutory Paternity Leave received full pay for less than 2 weeks, 33% for 2 weeks and 9% for more than 2 weeks. Large private and public sector organisations were most likely to give full payment for longer periods of Paternity Leave. Small and medium size private sector employers were most likely to pay the minimum statutory rate.

Article posted 29 November 2012

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