FI welcomes move to give children right to see both parents

3 February 2012

The Fatherhood Institute has welcomed moves by the Government to give children the right to a relationship with both parents after separation or divorce.

Responding to today’s article in the Daily Telegraph revealing that ministers want to amend the Children Act to create a legal right for children to a relationship with both parents after divorce, FI chief executive Rob Williams said:

‘Current legislation allows over one million children in the UK to lose touch with their father by the time they reach 16. This has a profound negative impact on children’s wellbeing and outcomes and we should not simply accept it. Whatever happens to couples, we must expect a child’s relationship with both parents to endure. Our laws need to change to reflect this, and our courts, social workers, family support and benefit systems should also be working in ways that increase the likelihood of more children from separated families enjoying close relationships with both their parents.’

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