Transform children’s lives with our new Dads Included Toolkit

13 January 2011

This week we received the following email:

I’m an elderly grandfather looking back on a life in which I spent far too little time, energy and attention on/with/for my children. I can send you the odd donation but that’s not enough. What can I do?

What an illustration of how important it is to engage with fathers – not just for the dads (or grandads in this case), but for the children whose lives they so affect!

Our new Dads Included Toolkit for developing father-inclusive services, priced at just £15, outlines how you can shape your service so it works for dads as well as mums…and, most importantly, for children, for whom a good relationship with dads is so important.

Presented as a series of 12 pull-out cards in a sturdy A4 wallet, the Dads Included Toolkit offers – for practitioners and managers in any setting – practical, tried and tested solutions to the challenges of engaging with fathers and father-figures, including:

  • Getting dads through the door
  • Knowing what to do with them once they’re there
  • Skilling up your workforce to work with dads
  • Keeping the right records
  • Finding out what services mums and dads really want.

It also shows how you can use the FREE online Dads Included Test as a tool to assess and develop your service.

In these straitened times, the Dads Included Toolkit could be the publication that enables your service to retain a focus on the whole family, and address the Government’s aspiration of supporting shared parenting from the earliest stages of pregnancy.

You can buy the Dads Included Toolkit now in our online shop, or place an order and have us send you an invoice, by emailing our administrator Jayne Bell, or phoning her on 0845 634 1328.

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