The Dad Factor: our package to help schools engage with fathers

16 May 2011

Schools are increasingly aware of the importance of engaging fathers and father figures in their children’s learning, in the daily life of schools and in governance. And dads are increasingly receptive to schools’ attempts to engage with them.

Watch a dad explain how schools can get fathers engaged, in a Youtube clip from one of the case studies on the Dad Factor CD-Rom.

The Pupil Premium offers a great opportunity to focus on improving father-involvement as a route towards improved attainment – and engaging effectively with dads can also help schools achieve better Ofsted ratings.

But if you want to improve your father-engagement in the long term, it’s important to approach it in the right way…which is where The Dad Factor, the Fatherhood Institute’s package of support for schools, comes in.

The Dad Factor package includes three options to suit all experience levels and budgets:

The Dad Factor CD-Rom

The Dad Factor, priced at just £15 plus VAT, is the Fatherhood Institute’s practical guide for schools, early years and other learning settings, on how to get dads more involved.

It offers a great introduction to why positively involved dads are so important for the children at your school…and how to boost your father-engagement.

The CD-Rom, compatible with PCs and Macs, includes video clips, research summaries and ‘how to’ guides outlining the benefits of, and approaches to, supporting dads’ involvement in their children’s education.

Drawing on real-life case studies and tried-and-tested, evidence-based approaches, we show you how to:

  • Understand why dads might not be beating a path to your door
  • Think strategically about getting fathers involved at your school
  • Get your team ready to work with dads
  • Plan activities that will get dads motivated.

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The Dad Factor one-day course

Our one-day Dad Factor course for teaching staff and extended services is perfect for schools which have clearly identified that improving their father-engagement is a priority.

The course, ideal for whole staff teams or for lead team members across a district or schools cluster, helps you to:

  • Consider the importance of engaging fathers in their children’s learning and in the life of schools
  • Explore the social, emotional and educational benefits of involving fathers in children’s learning
  • Evaluate how well or badly you are already engaging with fathers
  • Mobilise fathers as a resource for their children
  • Devise strategies to create father-inclusive learning environments.

The course can be delivered on site either in one school or across a cluster of schools or related organisations, with places costing from as little as £100 per person (including VAT).

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The Dad Factor half-day seminar

If you’re looking for more strategic level input, our half-day mini-conferences/ leadership seminars for up to 50 leaders and members of staff (drawn from schools and education departments across a local authority) offer a targeted, cost-effective solution. These events are fully customisable to suit your requirements. To find out more, email Kathy Jones, our Director of Training, or call her on 07867 761 251.

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