Teather confirms that father-engagement is a ‘valuable’ use of schools’ Pupil Premium

23 March 2011

Children and families minister Sarah Teather has confirmed that the Government sees engaging parents, including fathers, as a ‘valuable’ use of the Pupil Premium.

Ms Teather told the Fatherhood Institute: ‘The pupil premium that we are introducing will provide additional money for the most deprived pupils: by 2014/15 this premium will be worth £2.5billion. As the government is committed to devolving power towards schools, encouraging them to act as autonomous institutions collaborating with each other, we will not be compelling schools to spend the pupil premium in certain ways.

‘We will however make available information on best practice and ‘what works’ for improving the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and I am clear that a valuable use of the premium would be schools investing in ways to encourage parents, including of course fathers, to engage in the education of their children.’