Men are ‘hard-wired’ to care for children…stating the bleedin’ obvious

13 September 2011

Jeremy Davies writes:

Let’s keep this brief. Today’s papers are full of stories based on research showing that men are designed to share in the care of children. It’s all about the testosterone levels, don’t you know. You can read all about it in The Daily Telegraph or The Independent.

It’s great that scientists are working out the mechanics of this, but isn’t it a bit depressing that it’s ‘newsworthy’ to discover that humans are designed in such a way that two people who produce a child, are predisposed towards looking after it – thus ensuring the continuation of the species?

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  • Hazel Katherine Larkin says:

    Yes, indeed it is sad when it’s considered ‘newsworthy’ that two parents can care for their offspring. It does, however, serve a purpose in ‘normalising’ such behaviour in a world where such normal behaviour is no longer the norm…..if you see what I mean!

    It’s a bit like when scientists ‘discover’ that breastmilk and the act of breastfeeding is of huge benefit to babies. 🙂

  • Mike Cleaton says:

    I agree that it is sad that this is newsworthy but I think that it is newsworthy simply for the fact that you don’t get much positive said about the role of fathers (or men for that matter) in the media.

    Generally what we see is lots of negative comentary about deadbeat dads and absent fathers, many of which (let us not forget) are absent through no fault of their own – or at least, not because they want to be.

    So I say bring on the positive commentary about Dad’s, their positive influence on childrens lives and the role that they play. Lets have lots more of it so that it actually creeps into the social consciousness and actually has an impact not just on how men see their own role as dads but how society iteslf views the role of Fathers and undrmine the whole “you don’t need no man” culture that seems to abound.

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