Jobs for the boys this November

31 October 2011

Jeremy Davies writes:

It’s International Men’s Day on November 19, and what better way of celebrating this year’s theme – Giving Boys The Best Start In Life – than to support the Fawcett Society’s march through London on that very same day?

Fawcett is a body that campaigns for women’s equality – so what could its November 19 Day of Action possibly have to do with giving boys the best start in life? An awful lot, when you think about it. Female unemployment, the gender pay gap, women on low incomes becoming poorer…these are all things that impact hugely on boys as well as girls.

A world that keeps women chained to the kitchen sink and men to their desks is not, ultimately, a happy place for boys to grow up in. Why should boys grow up with mothers paid less than a man for doing the same job, and then watch their sisters suffer the same indignity? When boys become men, why should their potentially huge contribution as carers as well as breadwinners remain so unrecognised, so marginal to public policy?

Giving boys the best start in life means giving them a balanced view of what men and women can aspire to and achieve – and that’s what Fawcett’s campaigning is all about. Find out more about the Fawcett Society’s day of action.

Oh, and if you used to be a boy, and haven’t done so already, why not also take a stand for men’s health by cultivating something beautiful on your upper lip this month? Find out more about Movember.

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