Staying Connected workplace-based course for separated fathers

6 July 2010

The Fatherhood Institute is piloting a new workplace based course for separated fathers, called Staying Connected.

This short half-day course, which was developed in Australia, aims to enable fathers to build positive and child focused relationships with former partners, take better care of their own mental health and wellbeing and stay connected to their children.

The course has been highly successful in Australia where it has been delivered to a range of organisations including the Australian postal service. Organisations who have offered this course to staff have seen a decline in absence and an improvement in the mental health of men who have participated.

The four pilots this week (starting 5 July) are being hosted by British Telecom, Centrica and Citibank in London, Birmingham and Manchester. These organisations are all members of Employers for Fathers, who are committed to providing more comprehensive support to fathers who work for them.

To find out more or to book an in house course for your staff email Kathy Jones or call her on 07867 761251.

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