Researchers need fathers to share their “turning point” moments – and memories…

2 March 2010

A study based at Leeds University is exploring how personal and family relationships develop and change over time. The focus is on relationships with parents, grandparents, siblings, children, partners, friends and lovers.  In-depth interviews, oral recordings, photographs and other documents are being collected for an archive known as the TIMESCAPE archive.  The archive offers exciting possibilities for re-searching data through time and across the generations. Current and future generations of researchers will be able to re-use this resource.

Fathers’ experiences – and adults’ memories of their fathers – are often under-reported. SO PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!

There are a number of ways in which you can do this. You can:

  • Attend the Family Lives & Turning Points Exhibition on Thursday, 18th March 2010 – Blackall Studios, Shoreditch
  • Share Your Memories by filling in an online postcard about significant experiences in your life (many, we hope, relating to your children or your parents)
  • Enter a Photography Competition (which closes on 10 March 2010) with a photo that shows a key turning point (this could also win you an ipod)
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