Playgroups – for dads, by dads

4 January 2010

Dads and Littluns playgroups in London and Exeter are playgroups for dads and toddlers. They meet on Monday and Friday mornings in Wimbledon, just around the corner from Wimbledon Park tube; on Friday mornings in Dulwich, South London, and further afield in Exeter on a Thursday morning.  The playgroups are open most of the year, even during school holidays, because the organisers find that′s actually when parents need entertainment for your kids the most.

The men who go describe themselves as "just normal blokes" – who also happen to be dads looking after their children during the week.  Some are homedads full time.  Some have part time employment, and do the childcare on the other days.  Some work full time but with shift patterns that allow them to come to the playgroup with their kids.

One of the Fatherhood Institute staff first heard about these groups in November 2009 when in a petrol station in London.  A man in the line queue said he was in a hurry.  He had a two year old in the back of his car.  He said he was on the way to a dads-and-toddler group in Wimbledon (from Queen’s Park – quite a distance away!) and that it was the best part of his whole week and he didn’t want to be late. . .

To find out more visit their website  

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