Guide for New Dads

8 February 2010

Whether you’ve been working successfully with dads for many years or are just starting to reach out to them, the 12-page A5 Guide for New Dads is the perfect calling-card.

Written in an accessible yet authoritative tone and developed in partnership with the Department for Children, Schools and Families and Department of Health, the guide contains key information, top tips and useful contacts for expectant/new fathers, under the following headings:

  • Welcome to fatherhood
  • You and Mum – working together
  • Your legal position
  • Earning and caring
  • Looking after your family’s health
  • Communicating with your baby.

Parental responsibility…breastfeeding…paternity leave…post-natal depression…mutual gaze and skin-to-skin contact…family separation…you name it, it’s in the Guide for New Dads!

You can buy the guides in packs of 10 (£5); packs of 50 (£15); or packs of 100 (£25) via the online shop. Or place an order via or tel 0845 634 1328.

Find out more about the Guide for New Dads and why it’s so important.

Guide for New Dads

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