Fathers@ web package

4 November 2010




Fathers@ is our customisable, web-based support package designed to help fathers stay engaged with their workplaces, while dealing with the joys and challenges of family life.

Fitting seamlessly into your intranet site, Fathers@ gives fathers in your organisation all the information they need about coping with pregnancy, babies, childcare, relationships and the important role that fathers play in child development. Research shows that supporting dads in this way can impact positively on dads’ motivation and productivity.

Because Fathers@ can be customised to your company policies, it tells your employees about their entitlements to paternity and parental leave, about options for flexible working, employee assistance programmes and other ways in which your organisation supports family life.

The Fathers@ package includes updates to keep you on the inside track about changes in legislation and any significant changes in what research tells us about fathers, fatherhood and work life balance. Click on the image below to access a ‘dummy’ version of the portal, branded for BT.

To find out more contact our Head of Communications Jeremy Davies at j.davies@fatherhoodinstitute.org or on 0780 371 1692.