Fathers wanted for important survey…about dads’ role in early labour

20 July 2010

Once labour starts, it’s generally considered advisable for the mother to stay at home as long as possible: if she rushes into hospital early, more medical interventions during the birth usually follow.

Fathers are very important at this point: research by the University of Worcester found that they can be very influential as to whether mothers head straight for hospital or hang on at home.

This survey (which follows one carried out by these same researchers to look at women’s experiences of early labour) is designed to explore what fathers do during early labour, and how they experience that time.

The information gained from the survey should enable midwives to better understand how to help fathers and give them the best possible information.

It’s very important for the researchers to get a large response to their survey. Otherwise the data analysis won’t be accurate or representative. The survey is CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS. So – PLEASE HELP!

To take part in the survey

FOR EVERYONE: If you can’t contribute to this survey yourself, please pass it to a man who can . . .

FOR DADS: To take part in the survey, click here

For more information about the research, or if you have any questions, contact Mary Nolan, Professor of Perinatal Education

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