Fatherhood in the Government Green Paper on families and relationships

4 February 2010

‘Support for All’: the families and relationships Green Paper was published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) on 20 January 2010.

This Green Paper:

• sets out the government’s proposals for a wide range of measures to support all families as they bring up their children; and to help families cope with times of stress and difficulty
• is a fine example of father-aware policy with fathers referred to throughout, and several statements about the importance of their role in families
• is a consultation document which seeks national opinion on five specific questions: (i) creating a positive ‘help-seeking culture’ in relation to parenting/couple difficulties; (ii) priority issues for government in seeking to strengthen families/support family relationships; (iii) how services can be made truly family-friendly; (iv) mediation; (v) grandparent-contact after separation/divorce; (vi) parenting helpline services.

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To read our outline of the key elements of ‘Support for All’, download from the Related Documents section below.

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The Fatherhood Institute will be responding to the ‘Support for All’ consultation and will consult with the Think Fathers Champions Network on some of the questions.

Agencies and individuals who would like to submit their own responses to the consultation should click here to make a submission.

Download: Support for All FI Summary