Dad Factor INSET training for schools

15 September 2010

The Dad Factor is a package of INSET training for schools, family learning and extended school services and the staff who work in these settings including head teachers, teachers, learning assistants, mentors, family learning teams, community education staff, school nurses and counsellors.

Why is engaging fathers so important?

Schools are increasingly aware of the importance of engaging fathers and father figures in their children’s learning, in the daily life of schools and in governance – and the Pupil premium offers a great opportunity to focus on improving father-involvement as a route towards improved attainment.

Fathers who are involved in their children’s early education have a significant impact on attainment and on future aspiration. High father-involvement with 7-11 year olds is linked with better national examination performance at age 16. (Lewis et al,1982).

Conversely, low interest by fathers in their children’s education (particularly boys) has a stronger negative impact on their achievement than contact with the police, poverty, family type, social class, housing tenure and child’s personality. (Blanden, 2006).

Where schools are pro-active in their approach to engaging fathers they see a significant increase in the numbers of fathers involved in the life of the school – both in supporting children’s learning and in governance.

Schools which engage fathers in specific support to children with low levels of attainment have seen substantive improvements in children’s learning.

What do parents and children think?

Research tells us that fathers – and mothers – want engagement with their children’s learning and education and children want this too.

“70% of co-resident fathers and 81% of non-resident dads want to be more involved in their children’s education” (Peters et al, 2008)

“Dear Dad, I only see you once a week … Some small things I ask of you: please come to my school plays and come to parents’ evening to see how I’m getting on”. (12 year-old: DfES/Fathers Direct, 2003)

Our courses and mini-conferences will help participants to:

  • Consider the importance of engaging fathers in their children’s learning and in the life of schools
  • Explore the social, emotional and educational benefits of involving fathers in children’s learning
  • Mobilise fathers as a resource for their daughters and sons
  • Evaluate current engagement with fathers
  • Devise strategies to create father inclusive learning environments.

We offer two training options for schools and related services…

One-day INSET courses for teaching staff and extended services, delivered on site either in one school or across a cluster of schools or related organisations. Find out more about the programme and what it costs.

Half-day mini-conferences and leadership seminars for up to 50 leaders and members of staff drawn from schools and education departments across a local authority. These events run for half a day and can be customised to suit your requirements. Check out our mini-conference template.

To find out more email Kathy Jones or call her on 07867 761251.

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