Case study: Parenting programme for Turkish fathers

12 January 2010

This superb evaluation of a high-quality, innovative fathers’ support programme in Turkey, written in an accessible style and with carefully selected detail, is offered by the international Population Council not as a model for replication (although it is packed with good and transferable ideas) but as an example for learning.

The 2009 evaluation report, written by international masculinities and fatherhood expert Gary Barker is entitled And How Will You Remember Me, My Child? Redefining Fatherhood in TurkeyThe report describes in substantial detail the processes required to get the programme up and running, engage and prepare the staff, and recruit the fathers. The programme content of the 13 sessions is also detailed; as are the responses of the fathers and the evaluation process.

In commissioning and publishing this document, the Population Council rightly judged this programme not only as being of value to the growing number of Turkish fathers (and their families) participating in it, but as highlighting inventive and affordable ways of responding to the needs of fathers and their families in many other countries.

By 2007, 533 men in Turkey had completed training to become group leaders. And as of 2009, 200 were still actively leading groups – 805 of which had been formed, reaching 9,935 fathers and benefiting a much greater number of children.

Here at the Fatherhood Institute we feel this is one of the most outstanding projects (and evaluations) we have ever come across.

Read, learn – and enjoy!

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