Working with Dads: getting started, staying focused

3 March 2009

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parenting fundA major part of the Fatherhood Institute’s mission is to support professionals working with children and families where they interact with fathers and father-figures (including stepfathers, uncles, granddads and others) – and to help them talk about fatherhood and fathers in an informed way with the children, their mothers and other female carers.

From this page you can access our comprehensive research summaries about fathers and fatherhood; our extensive, and growing, library of case studies of promising practice around father-work; and a range of briefings on proven approaches to implementation of father-inclusive practices.

Whether you work in maternity or antenatal services; early years; schools or extended schools; family welfare; youth services or other statutory or voluntary agencies that engage with mums and dads – we hope this page will inspire you to develop a more father-inclusive service. Just click on the links below…

Tips and briefings

Women Working With Men: Skills and Strategies

Top Tips for Recruiting Men into the Childcare Workforce

Skills and Abilities of the Dedicated Female Father Worker

Consulting with Mothers in Development of Father-Inclusive Services

Consulting with Dads in Development of Father-Inclusive Services

Communicating With and Engaging Fathers

Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Fathers


Fatherhood Institute Main Research Summary: The Costs and Benefits of Active Fatherhood

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Young Fathers

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Separated Families

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers, Mothers, Work and Family

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Anti-Social Behaviour and Fatherhood

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers’ Influence over Children’s Education

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers Attending Births

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers and Disabled Children

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers and Smoking

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers and Post-Natal Depression

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers and Breastfeeding

Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Expectant and New Fathers’ Information Needs

Policy summary

Powerpoint slides summarising the UK’s policy and legislative frameworks requiring engagement with fathers

Case studies

To access all the case studies on the Fatherhood Institute website, click here.

Fatherhood Institute services and resources

Poster Packs

Photo Packs

Posters and Photos Twinpack

Toolkit for Father-Inclusive Practice

Invisible Fathers: Working with Young Dads Resource Pack

Working with Muslim Fathers Guide

Working with Fathers: A Guide for Drug and Alcohol Services

Including New Fathers: A Guide for Maternity Services

BME ‘Dad’ cards to hand out to dads

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