What makes couple relationships tick? (Newcastle University, for DCSF)

13 August 2009

Some of you have already helped with the first part of this study, which looked at the experiences of couples who are or were splitting up or living apart.  Now the researchers want to hear from people who are currently in a committed relationship and are not thinking of separating: cohabiting, married, in a civil partnership or “LATs” (“Living Apart Together” – i.e. couples who live in separate homes but are a stable couple).  The researchers want to find out:

  • what poses the greatest threats to couple relationships at different life stages.
  • whether there are services that might help different people at different times – and the best way of making these easily available.

As before, there are a number of ways you happy-together-couples can take part in this study. You can

  • fill in a questionnaire online.
  • be interviewed individually on the telephone
  • be interviewed as a couple in person
  • host a group discussion for the researchers: perhaps you already run a group and would like to make this a topic for discussion (the researchers will come to you!)

To read more about the survey (and fill in the online questionnaire) go to: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/ihs/relationshipsmatter  

To contact the researchers email Relationships.Matter@ncl.ac.uk or telephone 0191 222 7963 and talk to Jane, the project administrator

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