Think Fathers Shed Tour

7 May 2009

think fathers shedThe Think Fathers campaign has been on the road for the last few weeks, with the Shed Tour. A real-life garden shed, an emblem from ‘fatherhood past’ – complete with old bikes and wellies – has visited major cities at weekends to talk about anything and everything to do with being a dad.

This weekend the Shed Tour reaches the end of its journey, visiting Brighton Seafront (to the right of the Palace Pier) on Saturday 9th, from 11am to 4pm; and St Peter’s Square in Bristol on Sunday 10th, also from 11am to 4pm.

Why a ‘Shed Tour’?

The Shed is the ultimate dad stereotype, an outdated emblem of fatherhood past, and is designed to stimulate debate about modern fatherhood. Stuffed to the rafters with all the paraphernalia of family life, passing dads and their families are invited into the Shed to chat about anything and everything to do with being a dad.

A camera crew films the dads, granddads, mums and children reflecting on what makes a great dad, how fathers’ roles have changed over the years and how modern dads juggle work and family life. This footage will create candid snapshots from across the country of what fatherhood means and will be hosted online on the Think Fathers website as part of a nationwide campaign to ignite public debate about the importance of fathers’ involvement in their children’s lives and how to encourage more ‘dad-friendly’ working practices across the board.