The Father Monologues

8 February 2009

"The Father Monologues" is a theatre-based training tool which enables professionals and lay people to explore issues relating to fathers, in entertaining and imaginative ways.  They are delivered by actor, writer and group facilitator Jonathan Brown who was nominated Best Male Performer at Brighton Fringe 2007 and who has experience as a trainer/facilitator in various formats: Open Space, Forum Theatre, Community Building, Open Discussion Group, Question and Answer, drama teaching .

Jonathan, who uses a variety of techniques appropriate for each client group (ranging from writing/discussion to the highly participatory “jumping right in” theatrical methods) has worked with many different client groups, including prison inmates and excluded and in-care teenage boys.

The three very different shows explore three very different issues :

  • the father’s role during pregnancy and birth (click here . . .)  
  • separated fathers’ experiences (click here . . .)
  • the impact on a boy of loss of his father (click here . . .)

To book or find out more, contact Jonathan Brown on 01825 724473 or email him

Typical rates: £350 per performance

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