Talking Dads report published

9 June 2009

Young dads in Brighton and Hove explore parenthood

By Liz McDonnell, Alan Seabrook, Suzy Braye, Jo Bridgeman, Heather Keating and young father co-researchers

Young fathers are under-represented in research about the experiences of young people who become parents.  The Talking Dads explored the views of a diverse group of young dads (25 yrs and under) in Brighton and Hove.  To obtain interviewees, the project was advertised to parenting support groups, networks of practitioners working with young parents, Children’s Centres, local newspapers etc.  Three dads were trained to do the research interviews, and these also helped decide the questions to be asked in the interviews.  Nine young men were interviewed.  Among the key findings were: young dads had diverse experiences and were committed to fatherhood as well as being practically and emotionally involved; they wanted more from services eg dads-only and more support when their babies were young; and fatherhood (often unplanned) posed many challenges eg lack of resources and relationship pressure.

The project was funded by the Brighton and Sussex Community Knowledge Exchange.  Researchers from the University of Sussex worked in partnership with Hove YMCA to deliver the project.

The report, which should be of use to both young fathers and practitioners, is available at  

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