RUMM / SSH Seminar

Published: 8 February 2009

Department of Social Sciences and Humanities Seminar

5th March 2009
2.00pm – 4.00pm

Room D1, Richmond Building

Title: ‘Addressing the Male: men, masculinities and Public Policy’

Speaker: Sandy Ruxton is an Independent Advisor to the Coalition on Men and Boys, Honorary Research Fellow with the Research Unit on Men and Masculinities (RUMM) at the University of Bradford and a trustee of the British Institute of Human Rights.

Drawing on a major report for the recently formed ‘Coalition on Men and Boys’, Sandy Ruxton will explore how domestic policy in the UK engages with men and masculinity issues, including the implicit and explicit assumptions upon which policy is based, the extent to which policy reflects different masculinities, and the opportunities and risks in involving men in strategies for gender equality.

Title: ‘Can Men be Reliable Allies with Women in Men’s Violence Prevention’?

Speaker: Bob Pease is Chair of Social Work at Deakin University in Geelong, Australia

This seminar paper will explore some of the tensions and dilemmas, as well as the possibilities of involving men in violence prevention campaigns. The costs and benefits of working with men will be considered in the context of understanding about men’s privilege, men’s interests and men’s resistance to change.

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