New Case Study on the TSA’s

2 January 2009

An interesting case study about work with school-aged fathers in Leeds has been added to the "Supporting Young Fathers " Microsite

The Microsite developed by the Trust for the Study of Adolescence

The Health Initiatives and Well-being Team (HIWT) at Education Leeds (formerly, Health Initiatives Team) works city-wide with schools and other agencies to ensure that school-age parents (mothers and fathers) are able to access appropriate education, and that educational achievement is not disadvantaged by pregnancy or parenthood.  In 2004, the HIWT developed the post of Specialist Learning Mentor for Teenage Fatherhood with funding from Connexions, Sure Start Plus, and Education Leeds.  The role then involved working with school-age fathers and the male teenage partners of school-age mothers to identify both their support needs and how agencies in Leeds can alter their practice to become more ‘young father-friendly’.  Together with the Childcare Coordinator, the Mentor (John May) started running a weekly after school group (FACT; Fathers and Children Together), where school-age young fathers and fathers-to-be can come together for some mutual support and have access to an experienced childcare specialist.

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