Invisible Fathers Website Section

25 March 2009

Invisible FathersWelcome to the Invisible Fathers section of the website.

Invisible Fathers is the title of the Fatherhood Institute’s resource pack to support work with young dads. If you haven’t already seen it, click here to find out more and place an order.

If you are visiting this section because you have been reading Invisible Fathers and have come here to access the additional resources mentioned in the pack, welcome!

From this page you can access a range of resources:

Invisible Fathers Practitioner Resources List

Invisible Fathers Case Studies

Invisible Fathers Further Reading List

Invisible Fathers Training Courses

Fatherhood Institute Young Fathers Research Summary

Sample Young Fathers Assessment Form

Sample Consent to Contact Form

Powerpoint Presentation Showing Policy and Legislative Frameworks Around Fatherhood

Joint Birth Registration Guide

Parental Responsibility Guide